quarta-feira, 13 de abril de 2016

Around the world

     Part of population have a big dream. The same dream: travel around the world. Why am I saying this? Because I am one of them and I know a lot of people who also are part of this. It is clear to me that part of them believe that this dream is intouchable, but the other part believe in this, like me, with all their power.

     But why is this important? It is important speak about it to people know that this is not impossible! Of course that is not easy stop your life to travel, that is expensive, that you need to organize your life if you want this, and of course that you will travel just for some parts of the world, but people need to understand that this is not impossible.

      My parents had the opportunity to travel to the United States when I was living their. No, this was not easier because I was there. We met in a different city (not where I was living) so we spend a lot of money, we had a lot of difficults (that in the end was in reality good memories), but was the best trip that we ever made. They never thought that they would go to the United States. This was an idea so far away, but with some organization, we could pay the trip and pass some amazing days there. Now, they are planning to go to different places, because even we don't having so many conditions, we know that we can do it if we organize our finances.

     I will talk later about some tips for your trip. I learned so many things and I will be happy to tell you!! But today I just wanted to say this: IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE! If you really want, you don't need a river of money! You can organize it and go realize your dream!

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